Roguelike Gallery

The Roguelike Gallery is a living museum of roguelike games. A collection of historical roguelikes is being restored and made available for play on this server.

Using the Web app, you can try the games in your Web browser.

You can also play by ssh to The username is "rodney", and "yendor" is the password.

Available Games



Mar. 31, 2014: A few bugs have been fixed. The length limit for player names has been increased from 10 characters to 20.

Jan. 10, 2014: Statistical charts have been added to the scores section.

Oct. 5, 2013: All the games have been updated to fix various bugs. Super-Rogue now supports arrow keys. Games can be downloaded.

Sep. 15, 2012: Advanced Rogue 5 is available to play, in time for the Annual Roguelike Release Party. The Web app has been updated too. Recent Games High Scores