Roguelike Gallery Notes

10 Years

January 27, 2020

The Roguelike Gallery has been operating for an entire decade. That's one quarter of Rogue's entire lifespan, and much longer than I expected it to survive. Much thanks to everyone who persevered through the time I deleted all the saved games (always test your backups!), the 2012 failed upgrade that kept the site down for a week, the time the disk filled up with logfiles, and all the times I forgot to replace expired SSL certificates.

There are a few announcements. First, BitBucket is dropping support for Mercurial, so the Gallery will migrate somewhere else, probably Sourcehut. The master source code repository is at Once a new issue tracker is set up, I will add links to it.

Also, I am planning to rotate SSH keys. Watch for another post that will explain how to make sure your SSH client has the correct keys, so it won't give you scary warning messages.

I know there are many Rogues still enjoying this game, 40 years after an @-sign first fled from a pack of letters. Maybe they'll still be playing on the Roguelike Gallery in another 10.

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