Roguelike Gallery Notes

Several Delayed Messages

November 15, 2015

There are a few things I should have posted earlier, but never did.

Firstly, congratulations are due to dwhitten, who on September 24 made it out of the XRogue dungeon with the Axe of Aklad, achieving the Gallery's first victory ever. There have been several more XRogue victories since then.

Congratulations also to Squeeealer, Pertinax, and Francis69, who have been setting new high scores in Rogue V4 and V5.

Also, I have a long list of improvements to make. For example, the scoreboards don't distinguish victories from losses. The downloads section is out of date. It would be nice to have more screenshots on the website. There are still bugs in the Web player. Please be patient as I get to work.

Finally, I'm considering holding a tournament sometime next year. Watch for more announcements.

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