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Early Roguelike Collection: Release 2021.03

March 24, 2021

Release 2021.03 of the Early Roguelike Collection is now available. This is the Roguelike Gallery's version of the original Rogue and other "lost roguelikes" of the 1980's.

They are under the title "Early Roguelike Collection" to minimize confusion with other distributors of the Rogue codebase. The Gallery may also release other collections of historical roguelikes in the future.

This is an maintenance release, making available many small fixes added over the past few years. There are some remaining issues, listed below.

Source code can be found on the download page. There are currently no plans for a binary release. Running unverified binaries downloaded from the Internet is an increasingly risky activity.

Games Included

Unix Rogue 3.6
Unix Rogue 5.2
Unix Rogue 5.4
Super-Rogue 9.0
Advanced Rogue 5.8
Advanced Rogue 7.7
XRogue 8.0
UltraRogue 1.07

Changes since release 2016.06

UltraRogue, based on the last Roguelike Restoration Project version, is now included.

Several bugs and compiler warnings have been fixed.


Building requires a C compiler and a curses implementation. Compilers that have been tested include GCC, Clang, and Microsoft Visual C. Ncurses and pdcurses are both known to work.

Windows and Mac OS builds were not tested for this release but are known to have worked in the past.

Known Issues

On Windows, messages sometimes remain on the screen longer than they should, or obscure the inventory screen. This is thought to be due to the way pdcurses handles overlapping windows.

The Advanced Rogue family includes many late-game features which seem never to have been well tested.

UltraRogue is known to have potential memory corruption related to object management.


The original authors, for creating the games.

The Roguelike Restoration Project, for doing the work to ensure their survival.

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