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February News

February 26, 2016

It's time for another monthly status update. For most of February, the Web app has been launched by SystemD, which will restart it if it crashes or if the server is unexpectedly rebooted.

I have begun compiling the roguelike games with GCC 5. It turns on several kinds of warnings that weren't enabled by default in previous versions. Some of these are related to function declarations. Since Rogue was created when ANSI C function declarations hadn't been invented and old-style declarations were mostly optional, it generates a lot of warnings.

Fixing the warnings is tedious, but it is a good excuse to modernize the code and search for bugs. So far I have fixed about a thousand causes of warnings and identified 23 problems that might be actual bugs. I will post more updates as I investigate and fix them.

The Windows build didn't get updated this month, but I think I have found how to fix the bugs with Super-Rogue savefiles.

A few days ago, I upgraded the server, which I usually do annually. In past years, this was often a hazardous process. The first time, I nearly deleted everyone's account, and in 2012, I broke the whole site for almost a week. But I eventually learned to automate the process and to try it on a testing server before attempting it on the real site. This upgrade finished in less than two hours with no problems.

Next month will be taken up by fixing the warnings and bugs in the games. Once that is finished, I plan to make some updates to the scoring system and Web app.

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