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March 31, 2016

This has been a month of steady progress. Most of the compiler warnings I mentioned last month have been fixed. I discovered about 40 issues while fixing them, though more of these were caused by my suspicion than were actual bugs.

But there was one bug which had an interesting effect. In Rogue V4 and V5, there exist potions of monster detection. When quaffed, the player gains the ability to see all the monsters on the level. A few turns later, a timer goes off and removes the ability. But the code for saving games and restoring them failed to save the timer. If the game was saved and restored while the monsters were visible, they would never disappear.

In Rogue V4, the restored game would always crash. But in Rogue V5, this cheat could be used to gain the permanent ability to see all the monsters. I don't know of anyone's exploiting this bug on the Gallery, but it has been fixed.

I have also made some fixes to Super-Rogue on Windows. Saved games will now restore properly, most of the time. I suspect the failures that still happen are being caused by some kind of memory corruption. Tracking down that bug is high on my to-do list for next month.

I have two large goals for the year. One is to complete the early roguelike collection by getting UltraRogue online. The other is to add HTTPS support to the website. Watch for more progress in these directions in the coming months.

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