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April Updates

April 30, 2016

This month has been disappointing. Instead of adding improvements to the Gallery or fixing known problems, I spent most of the time finding more bugs.

The Web app crashed again and didn't automatically restart. (It really is fixed this time, I hope.) The score system makes a lot of bad assumptions about the information it gets out of the database. There might be something wrong with reloading certain saved games. And there's a strange problem related to time zones.

The bugs kept me from getting to another task. One of my reasons for creating this blog was to write some longer articles about roguelike games. I am working on a few ideas, but they will have to wait for next month.

Some things are getting better. In Rogue V4, when you check the list of identified items, you get a message asking you which type of item. When you finish looking at the list, this question reappears on the screen. This bug has annoyed me for years, and it is finally gone.

But I saved the worst news for last. I have discovered another bug that makes Rogue much easier. It is not like the one with monster detection, a blatant cheat that no one actually discovered. No, this bug has come to the aid of most skilled players, who have probably come to rely on it without realizing that the game is supposed to be harder. I expect much gloom and despair once I fix it.

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