Roguelike Gallery Notes

May Updates

May 31, 2016

This has been an uneventful month. I fixed the Flytrap bug, and made a few improvements to the Windows build. No progress was made on the Web site.

I plan to make an official release of the games sometime in the next few days. The process of improving them is taking too long. When software is 30 years old, there are too many things you could change, and the more you try, the more you find. I need to call them good enough, worry about their problems later, and move on to other things.

Those other tasks are all related to the Web site, which has seen few real changes for several years. One priority is adding messaging to the Web player app. Another is making it easier for people to report problems. Less important is to begin adding other articles about roguelikes. In June, I hope to move forward on these.

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