Roguelike Gallery Notes

Happenings in June

July 2, 2016

Last month, I succeeded in making a release of the roguelike games. I have managed to drag the code base most of the way into the 1990's. Now it's time to leave it for a while and do some much-needed work on the Web site.

I spent some time looking for particularly urgent problems. The site uses two separate code bases: the scoring system, written in Python, and the Web player, written mostly in Javascript. They both use data structures which I designed in a hurry without thinking too hard about what I was doing. Neither system is flexible. It's never obvious whether a new feature will actually work or fail because of mysterious bugs which are hard to trace to their real causes. Redesigning all the software will take some effort, but it has to get done for the Gallery to improve.

There are infrastructure changes in the planning stage too. HTTPS support will be the most visible feature. A password recovery mechanism might also be included.

None of these features will get completed this month, but some progress will happen.

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