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January News

February 2, 2018

Last month, the Gallery's scheduled downtime passed without complications. The hosting provider (and nearly everyone else) has only partially mitigated the CPU vulnerabilities, so more downtime could be on the way.

Development of UltraRogue has suffered a setback. I found a complex bug that is capable of corrupting savefiles. The game cannot be released until this problem is fixed. I am making progress in understanding how to do that, but most of February could pass before I find the time to finish the work. And then there are other bugs that also need fixes.

I made one small change to the Web site: links to this blog and the Web player now appear at the bottom of each page. There are other things about the site that should be updated or expanded, including most of the informative pages. Maybe I can work on that when I get stuck chasing stray pointers in UltraRogue.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup released version 0.21 in January, and held the usual tournament. Before much longer, the Gallery's Early Roguelike Collection will be complete, and I may look at more recent roguelikes, like DCSS. As long as people keep making new games, old ones will slide into forgotten corners of the Internet, and someone will have to drag them back out.

So don't be surprised if fancy modern roguelikes appear in the Gallery. Maybe even ones that are in color! If I can get UltraRogue into shape in less than five years...

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