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February News

March 2, 2018

I made some progress on UltraRogue last month. The savefile corruption bug is fixed at last. But while fixing it, I discovered some other related bugs.

These bugs have to do with the way multiple items are stacked on the same space. The original Rogue did not have item stacks: you are not allowed to drop an item on a space that already has one. All the Advanced Rogue family added this feature, but UltraRogue did it in a unique way. The implementation has bugs that rarely trigger, but they can cause memory leaks, monsters picking up too much, and possibly items vanishing off the floor. Fixing the bugs will require some in-depth changes to how the game manages items.

Also, I'm unhappy about dropping support for Windows. I'm going to at least try to use MinGW before giving up and making a release without a Windows build. MinGW research and bug fixing will both delay the release process, probably until the beginning of April.

February also saw an update from ArchiveRL. Version 0.7 includes 620 different roguelikes, several of which are from the Roguelike Gallery's collection. I recommend bookmarking that page. We know from the history of Rogue that once popular games can become hard to find.

This year's 7DRL Challenge starts this weekend. Several significant roguelikes started as 7DRLs, so following the Challenge is a good way to learn about new developments in the genre.

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