Roguelike Gallery Notes

UltraRogue Status

October 21, 2017

If you check the Mercurial repository, you will notice some recent updates to UltraRogue. The game now builds with the same "./configure && make" system as the other early roguelikes. Some bugs have been fixed, and all the games now use portable I/O functions uniformly.

I am planning to make an official release sometime around the new year. First, there are about 40 potential issues I need to investigate. At least 7 of these are already known to be bugs that require fixes. Once that list is finished, UltraRogue will be added to the Gallery's playable collection.

HTTPS has worked without issue for a few months now. I am hoping to revise the scoring system early next year.

In the roguelike world, some notable things are happening. There is another Roguelike Celebration in a few weeks. HyperRogue, which I plan to review soon, has made a new release. The ambitious Cogmind made it to Steam. I hope to write some longer articles about these newer games soon.

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