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Rogue V3 Beaten!

July 29, 2017

Someone using the "rodney" account has beaten Rogue V3! Unlike last year's win, no cheats were involved. The final score was 11080. Download the ttyrec to watch the rogue struggle with Xorns and Vampires and pick up the Amulet under the eye of a Dragon.

Rogue V4 and V5 have also seen some recent activity, though nothing quite as noteworthy has happened. The other games remain less popular.

I need to apologize for the Web app's downtime last month. It managed to crash in a way that prevented it from restarting, and I was not watching it closely, so it was a week or two before I had it working again.

Please rest assured that I am not abandoning the site. I've kept it working for seven and a half years, and I'm going to stay dedicated to preserving Rogue and letting its fans play.

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