This game is a version of Super-Rogue 9.0.


Super-Rogue came into being around 1982, when some employees at AT&T Bell Labs began modifying a copy of the Rogue 3.6 source code. Robert D. Kindelberger led the effort to expand Rogue into a new game. Super-Rogue included new monsters for all the lowercase letters, and deepened the dungeon to 35 levels. The final version, numbered 9.0, was completed in July 1984.

Some of Super-Rogue's features, such as shops, mazes, and cockatrices, appeared in the original Hack at about the same time.

In 2004, Robert Kindelberger supplied a copy of the source code to the Roguelike Restoration Project. The RRP updated Super-Rogue to run on modern systems, issuing a release numbered "9.0-1" in March 2005.

The Roguelike Gallery began maintaining Super-Rogue in 2010, fixing a few bugs which made winning easy, and adding support for the arrow keys.

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