Roguelike Gallery

The work of the Roguelike Gallery supports three main goals.

Software Maintenance

The Gallery cares for the source code of Rogue and its descendent games, modernizing the code, keeping it working as modern C compilers get stricter, and improving portability. Maintenance also includes the never-ending quest to fix bugs.

In pursuing this goal, the Gallery continues the work of the Roguelike Restoration Project.

Public Play

The Gallery also runs a public server allowing anyone to play the roguelike games.

By providing this service, the Gallery hopes to recover some of the gameplay environment in the university computer labs of the 1980's where Rogue was born. Similar projects include, the DCSS server network, and many other sites.

Information Source

The Gallery provides information about roguelike games through this Web site. This includes documentation and other articles about roguelike gameplay, history, or current events.

There are many other sources of roguelike information on the Internet. RogueBasin is one of the most well-known.

Early Roguelike Collection

Other information

Server Technology is hosted by Linode. The server is currently running Fedora.

The Gallery also makes use of dgamelaunch and lighttpd. Score data is stored using PostgreSQL.

The Web player was created with node.js.

Support Roguelike Games

The Roguelike Gallery does not currently need donations. Consider supporting Temple of the Roguelike or purchasing HyperRogue or another fun roguelike game.


E-mail the Warden using the address elwin (at)

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