This game is a version of UltraRogue 1.0.7.


In December 1984, Herb Chong began customizing an early version of Advanced Rogue. After a month of adding monsters, dungeon levels, and features, he changed the name to UltraRogue. The first release, called 1.02, came in August 1985.

UltraRogue was one of the largest and most complex early roguelikes. Unlike the possibly larger XRogue, it does not share the rewritten time system of Advanced Rogue 7. This trend of growing the game and adding fun features, with less thought for balance, would be followed by early versions of Angband and NetHack.

Herb Chong continued working on UltraRogue into 1986. Between 1992 and 1995, it was the first early roguelike to be modernized. That effort would grow into the beginning of the Roguelike Restoration Project.

The RRP regarded UltraRogue as under "semi-active" development "rather than a pure restoration" like its other games. A new version, with the number 1.0.7, was released in February 2005.

The Roguelike Gallery began work on UltraRogue in 2017. Some bugs have been fixed, but there are a few remaining, and it is not yet available to play online.

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