Advanced Rogue 5

This game is a version of Advanced Rogue 5.8.


Super-Rogue was not the only early roguelike to come from AT&T Bell Labs. Another group, led by Michael Morgan and Ken Dalka, began developing Advanced Rogue in 1984.

Advanced Rogue includes some features, like shop and maze levels, that first appeared in Super-Rogue. But I suspect that these are only borrowings, and that Advanced Rogue was independently developed from Rogue 3.6, rather than starting from Super-Rogue.

Advanced Rogue quickly grew into a different game, not just adding monsters, levels, and items, but creating new mechanics. It pioneered features that almost every later roguelike would adopt, like character classes, magic spells, and the ability to freely move up and down levels.

In January 1985, the Advanced Rogue team released version 5.8. They would continue to develop future versions, and other early roguelikes would be based on their work.

The Roguelike Restoration Project found the source code for Advanced Rogue 5.8 "floating on the internet" and, beginning in 2005, updated it to run on modern systems. The RRP made a bugfix release, numbered 5.8.2, in February 2006.

The Roguelike Gallery began maintaining Advanced Rogue 5 in 2012, fixing many more bugs.

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